Mermaids X Divers Brand Logo
We love the sea and the wilderness but also the city...
So, we see it as important to care for the land and sea as we do for our urban environments. Working together to care and improve this world for the future...
So, we are trying to do our bit as much as we can starting with making all our packaging recyclable. Using plastic free packaging, paper tape, biodegradable, acid free tissue paper.
When it comes to our garments they are ethically manufactured, and all Mermaids X Divers T-Shirts are 100% Organic ringspun combed cotton. Our Sweats and Hoodies are 85% Organic ringspun combed cotton mixed with 15% Recycled Polyester. 
Lots of our printing is by hand and all using eco-friendly waterbased inks.
We are keen for our garments to last the test of time! To be loved, to be cared for, to be a favourite, remembered and recycled!
We must all remember Mermaids and Divers can't swim in dirty seas!