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Sweats & Hoodies

Sweats & Hoodies We love them!!! Thick and cosy! It's still cold and we can feel it... Spring is sunny and cold, the days are getting longer and we are getting closer to that fun season. So keeping us warm in this season we have some classic fit Hoodies and Sweats.  Check them out here - Mens Hoodies | Sweats  Womens Hoodies | Sweats                                  

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One door closes and another door opens

Mermaids X Divers is the beginning to the end of a journey for us! A long standing daydream to create a lifestyle brand that encapsulates our passion for water, waves, wind, beaches, the sea, adventure and the odd party! Inspired by our love for Clothing, Vintage Surfwear, 80s disco, Cocktails, Travel Adventures and mythical sea creatures.  We've created our first collection of designs on organic garments, printed with waterbased inks. That reflect our routes from surf to streetwear... Whatever you surf... waves, wind, roads, snow. Or maybe you just sail, or dive into it! Escape to somewhere - the road, the sea, the beach, the snow, the party!  And for all ocean lovers... Love them or hate them - Mermaids really do exist! This...

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